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Books have become so much more than mere stories. They also teach a lesson and that's just what Sharon Martini did with her story Max and Me.

Max and his best friend do everything together. Race cars, climb trees and look for bugs in the garden. This is a great book that shows two friends, mindless of their different colors, having fun with each other no matter what they look like.

Recommended for all children. The pictures are wonderfully and colorfully done. Fun for everyone!

Lisa, Managing Editor of Lisa's Book Review

Sharon Martini, in her book "Max and Me" offers her readers a delightful perspective on friendship and the innocence of youth!

This wonderful children's book is refreshing for the young and old with vivid, fun-loving characters she illustrates. Martini's characterization of friendship is depicted by two friends who are black and white. They are the same in everything they do; their only difference is their color. A strong message on every page. I strongly recommend this book to all people with young children since the message of unity and friendship is the theme. The theme is simple while the reaction is awesome. I look forward to Sharon Martini's future works.

Amy Bowllan, author of "The Land of Crayons" and "Twas the Strike Before Christmas"

Vibrant, joyful art takes center stage in this celebration of friendship between two boys. While their skin colors are not the same, both boys realize they are more alike than different. An enjoyable read with a refreshing message.

Jolie Jean Cotton, Honolulu Advertiser

Sharon Martini's Max and Me is a wonderful educational children's book that every child should read. Her creative work speaks clearly of our diverse culture in its most fundamental approach of powerful brilliance that is exceedingly unique. Each colorful illustration emphasizes that we are all humans, regardless of our skin's character.

Max and Me is an exceptional learning tool and should be highly recommended to all institutions of learning for all young children in our diverse society. Martini is truly a gifted and inspiring author.

Leronia Rawls, author of I Dare Think Otherwise, Wordbeams

Max and Me is a well designed picture book. The story flows with a nice rhythm that makes it great for reading aloud. Martini's matter-of-fact inclusion of the similarities and differences of the two boys gives us a fine example of the way multicultural books work best.

Linda Aksomitis, author of eight children's books

Max and Me is a charming little story of two friends. The fact that this is multicultural is not important here, because Max and Me doesn't make it important. What's important is acceptance of who we are, just like we are. This books shows in simple to understand English how children perceive each other. The book is a sheer delight to read and totally entertaining to kids...

What a delightful and non-preachy kind of book that will promote more than just harmony, but love mankind! ...I recommend this book to all children and their parents. This book merited a 5-star rating, not because it was multicultural, but because it got the message across in very few words, and promoted something that we as adults need to promote to our children - acceptance and friendship for who we are!

Rita Hestand, author

Skinned knobby knees, trees and bugs in the garden make up the world of two darling children in Max and Me by Sharon Martini. Bright, colorful illustrations make this Book an excellent choice for young children and parents to share together.

In just eighteen pages Martini broaches a difficult subject, multiculturalism, on a level readily grasped by young children. No, Martini does not discuss the injustices of prejudice in her children's picture book, that would be inappropriate to her audience; however, Martini does point out to her young readers that while we are different we are, underneath it all, very much the same.

Sandra Morgan

The first ebook for children that we have ever reviewed, Max and Me presents a simple view of the world for 2-6 year olds. We sometimes forget that people, no matter their color, or culture, are inherently the same.

Max and Me is a fun story that highlights our superficial differences, but celebrates our sameness, and is ultimately an uplifting story about friendship.

Each page has brightly coloured picture and simple words to follow... I hope that books like this do well. It is designed to be read from the screen, and is a great introduction to a complex issue. Get it for some special child this holiday.

Review by Trevor Lockwood of

Two kids, one black, the other white, are having a lot of fun together. They beat drums, climb trees and hunt bugs (wanna see the cutest bugs ever? Here they are!)

I've always been an optimist. I firmly believe that when you concentrate on the upside instead of fighting the downside of any kind of problem, then it's much easier to find a solution. Sharon Martini has the same attitude. Instead of fighting racism, she propagates multiculturalism. And she does this in such a funny, charming way that the serious theme is quickly forgotten as you giggle along with Max and his friend.

By Christine Spindler of

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